The spirit of this word will once again resonate in our country when August is approaching. What is the better time than now for us to make our national flower, Hibiscus as our inspiration? The hibiscus might not have the sensual allure and glamour of the rose, or the mood-lifting appearance of the sunflower, but it is our national flower, our inspiration, a symbol of our strength and independence.

So now presenting to you The Hibiscus Collection (WAARNA Limited Edition).

It is a tribute to our national flower as this Limited Edition collection features the motive of red hibiscus as the red petals symbolize courage, and the five petals represent the Rukun Negara (National Principles). Yes, you remember reciting that pledge back in school!

Did you know, that the queen of tropical flowers was chosen as our national flower because of its eye-catching and big-sized red petals? It also blooms throughout the year, and that’s a sign that you’ll bloom too whenever you have this design on! And last but not least, we hope it will also strengthen our love for the country and will drive us to do what’s best for the nation. Say it loud Waarnasisters, ‘Kita Punya Malaysia! Sayangi Malaysiaku!’

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